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Steak lover

Steak lover

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For the protein lovers out there, this box is for you!

Get your freezer filled with these fantastic products . This fantastic box gives you everything you see in the picture and more.

Fantastic quality meat at our factory prices. All suitable for home freezing.

You get:

2 x 2 x 227g Beef rump steak extra trim

2 x 2 x 227g Beef sirloin steak extra trim

2 x 2 x 227g Beef ribeye steak extra trim

1 x 1.5kg Beef salmon cut joint

1 x 1.5kg pork loin joint, boned & rolled, rind on

2 x 400g Prime pork sausages

2 x 454g back bacon, unsmoked

1 x 2.2kg chicken breast fillets


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